Blue Choker made of floral LAce
Blue Choker Wide Necklace
Woman wearing a Blue Necklace
Wide Blue Floral Lace Choker Necklace
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Wide Blue Floral Lace Choker Necklace

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This sumptuous, feminine-cut, blue floral lace makes for an apt choice for both casual and formal wear. Put your signature panache on display with this hand-sewn, comfortably wide necklace for a standout look from the crowd. Rock a neck-flattering choker embroidered lusciously for a lasting impression. Wraps around the neck to accentuate your outfit as a daily or occasional charm. Pairs flawlessly with your favorite bling so you are always on top of your fashion game.

  • Lightweight, wear-resistant design
  • Blends it well with other jewelry items
  • Flexible and feels easy on the skin
  • Fastens with iron clasp for the perfect fit
  • Non-fraying edges keep the form intact


    • The choker is approx 1“ wide
    • Length including clasps is 13”.
    • The length of extender chain is 3”.
    • Total choker length is 16”.
    • Clasps & chain: made of iron lead-free, nickel-free
    • Thread: 100% Rayon


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    Arrived quickly and the craftsmanship looks great! I am thoroughly pleased!

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