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Discover the Secrets of Lace Jewelry Crafting Process



A lace choker necklace brings elegance and individuality to any outfit. Lace is also a gorgeous fabric to work with, which is why I adore it!

Read on to discover how I make my beautiful lace chokers.


It Starts With My Embroidery Machine

I make all my own lace in my home studio in Cali. I focus on every detail because handmade lace jewelry should be as long-lasting as it is stylish.

Pink Coral Flower Lace

High-Quality Thread Ensures a Perfect Look

I use 100 % rayon thread because the colors are more lustrous and less synthetic-looking than polyester. Rayon gives a flawless finish and doesn't stretch over time.


Embellishment Brings My Designs to Life

A little decoration goes a long way to making a woman feel special! I make chokers with crystals for that Swarovski sparkle, or with lustrous pearls and brass beads.

Crystals, rhinestones, silver charms, gold beads

Personalization Equals Your Dream Choker

Because every woman is unique, the size, color, embellishments, and closures can all be adjusted to preference. There's a lace choker for everyone at Yatys Boutique!


Everything is Done by Hand and Made to Last

I set embellishments one by one using strong special glue and careful hand-sewing. The ribbon is sewn-in so it stays in place for good.

Red Flower Lace decorated with gold charms

Now you know you can shop my lace jewelry with the confidence, knowing you'll get a well-crafted piece of jewelry that will last.


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