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Yatys Boutique owner


Hi, I'm Ivia!

I'm the owner, designer, and creator at Yatys Boutique.

I create lace chokers & lace earrings for the modern woman who likes to be feminine, fashionable, sophisticated... and maybe a little bit sexy!

I'm passionate about sewing and beading and is my hobby to sew my own clothes and make my own jewelry & accessories.

I moved to the USA from Puerto Rico in 2015, working from home in Computer Quality for the pharmaceutical industry. The job gave me that all-important work/life balance so I could spend more time with my beloved sewing machine. 

Soon I upgraded my machine to one that embroider. And, once I discovered a way to create lace with my sewing machine, I felt so inspired! I started to transform the lace in choker necklaces and earrings for myself, and decorating them with crystals, pearls, metal beads, and colorful shiny seed beads to add that magic sparkle that makes us women feel special.

I soon realized my hobby could become a successful small business.

By 2017, I was selling lace chokers and earrings on my Etsy Store and just 3 years later, I launched my website. 

Wearing my unique handmade lace jewelry, not only upscale my outfit, and make it more interesting, but also boosts my self-esteem, elevate my mood, and makes me feel confident. And I love when I get compliments.

So, I want to pass that same experience & feeling on to You and all who wear my designs. 

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Black and Gold Lace Flower